Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Products that will knock your socks off: Back to Nature's Fudge Mint cookies

This new feature on my blog is inspired by my love of Cocoa Metro. I needed somewhere to share some of the wonderful products out there that have simply knocked my socks off. These are items that my friends will hear about constantly until they try them. It can be a beloved flavored olive oil or a new bottle of Gin anything goes as long as I love it and want other people to give it a shot. For this first installment I offer a cookie to rival the infamous thin mint. Back to Nature's Fudge Mint cookies.

Are you tired of waiting for girl scout cookie time to roll around to get your thin mint fix? Did you miss the little darlings as they came around with their delicious wares this year? Well, then these cookies are definitely for you. I picked them up on a whim the other day when I was trying to fulfill a chocolate-mint craving without baking it myself. These cookies are, dare I say it, even BETTER than thin mints. They are fresh and they don't taste processed or preserved at all. There is no waxyness in the fudge surrounding the cookie. Not only that, but these cookies have a wonderful crispy crunch that many store bought cookies lack. That crunch combined with the melt in your mouth fudge and perfect dark chocolate mint combination makes for one heck of a satisfying cookie. I highly recommend these for anyone who has a love of chocolate and mint together. I found these at Stop and shop, but they are also carried at Whole foods. Next time you are craving chocolate and mint, give these a try I think you will be pleasantly surprised ( and then you will eat an entire box in one sitting :)

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