Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Breakfast is the bane of my existence. I mean sure I've been known to indulge in the occasional weekend pancake or eggs Benedict but that is usually consumed well after noon and enjoyed only when someone else makes it for me. However, when I started trying to lose weight this summer I realized that breakfast is a necessary evil. Since I hate it I didn't mind just closing my eyes and bearing it while kick starting my metabolism with such vile treats as a 90 calorie packet of cottage cheese or some really yummy (note the sarcasam) egg whites. I started out on just protein because everything I read from low glycemic index advice columns to weight loss books suggested that kick starting your metabolism works better with protein and no sugar. Eventually I relented and added some "Gasp" fruit. Making it cottage cheese and blueberries or egg whites and strawberries.

Then, women's health showed me that I could ( occasionally cause I am still trying to cut back on carbs) eat something delicious for breakfast. Vans makes a series of not to bad for you frozen waffles, even the light ones are tasty and they all have some protein in them. Best part, the light ones are only 140 calories for 2 waffles. The twist is that you then add protein to the mix with some almond butter, but we're not done, drizzle some honey ( just a little) over almond butter and add some chopped strawberries and a few raspberries on top and POOF, you have a delicious and not too bad for you breakfast. If you make both waffles and use two tablespoons of almond butter (a serving) plus 1/4 cup of strawberries and raspberries the whole thing comes to. 364 calories for the whole kit and caboodle. However if this feels like too much you can have 2 egg whites and 1 waffle for just 216 calories ( this breakfast is totally worth 216 calories, it will keep you full for hours and is good fuel for a workout as well as a long morning at work) and the prep time is only about 15 minutes. I just wanted to share this one since it is so easy and was such a wonderful addition to my morning routine.

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