Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Gaff

Photo courtesy of the Gaff website

I'm not normally a bar kind of Gal, but I've been to the same bar twice this weekend, so it might be time to talk about it. The Gaff is a little bar on Moody street that I absolutely adore. It's cozy and not too loud, and while it usually does decent business it's never packed. When you sit down there is always a fresh bowl of popcorn to munch on and right next to the front windows there are two couches which are just perfect for me and my friends, we can lounge, hear one another and have our drinks while looking out the window. We love them so much that we have started thinking of them as our couches since they are almost always open when we go in.

The drinks are excellent and very reasonably priced and they have my second favorite cider ( Samuel Smiths). They also have a huge beer selection and at least one cider on tap. What's not to love?! Oh and did I mention they make a good burger, a tasty hot dog, and FRIED PICKLES. The Gaff is also conveniently located across the street from Tempo, Habaneros, and a new restaurant ,Charcoal Guidos, (more on that place tomorrow) so if you find yourself waiting for a table and wanting a drink to pass the time it's a great option. I fully intend to spend more time there in the coming months and I highly recommend it. But if you do decide to visit. Stay off our couches :)

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