Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stuff to Eat in the Suburbs: Natick —The Met Bar and Grill

Since the Natick Mall turned into the Natick collection there have been a lot of changes. The stores are more expensive, there are a whole lot more of them, and the food court has suddenly lost its appeal due to the plethora of new restaurants that have opened up in the mall. New options include P.F. Changs, Cheesecake Factory, or Sel De La Terre if you’re feeling fancy. However, sometimes, when you’re at the mall or sitting around at home, you just want a good burger. On those days may we recommend the Met Bar and Grill in the Natick Collection.

The Met Bar and Grill is an offshoot restaurant to The Metropolitain Club steakhouse in Chestnut Hill. While the Met Bar and Grill has an extensive menu; including salads, pastas, and steaks; the main reason for visiting them, in this Bostonist’s opinion, is their burgers. In addition to their regular menu, the Met Bar and Grill has a specific Met Burger Bar menu. This no nonsense menu has one side entirely dedicated to burgers, including the signature burgers and the make your own burger options. On the opposite side of the menu are classic burger options such as fried onion strings, sweet potato fries, and heavenly shakes.

There are two different signature burger categories, continental and international. Burgers from both of these categories are delicious and a little bit different. Options like the LA (avocado, bacon lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and roasted garlic mayo) or the Athens (Tzatzki, feta, cucumber, tomato and hummus) are interesting and always satisfying. While their signature burgers are a reliable yet still interesting one stop order, the make your own burger option is the way to go for picky and adventurous eaters alike. They have more categories and toppings than this Bostonist has ever seen on a burger menu. Meat options range from kobe beef to a veggie burger and you can make it a double or turn your burgers into minis. You can go bunless in a bowl or add pan seared foie gras to your burger. Almost anything you can think to put on a burger is an option here. The base price of the burger is centered on the type of meat you choose and all of the extras are individually priced from .25 cents for dill pickles to 8 dollars for the foie gras. The burgers are a decent size and they all come with a small order of fries and a pickle. This Bostonist is always impressed at the juicy rich flavor of the burgers and the chef’s ability to always cook them perfectly. Never under or over cooked the Met Bar and Grill really knows its burgers.

This Bostonist highly recommends starting out your meal with the basket of “onion rings. Rings in name only these fried onion strings are simply amazing, the right ratio of onion to batter topped with the perfect amount of salt. The basket is big enough to feed at least three people as an appetizer. This Bostonist also swears by the shakes. The shakes are made to order at the bar, which makes it easy for them to execute the ingenious option of having your shake “liquored up”. Under the description of each shake is a suggested alcohol pairing. However, these shakes are well worth the calories even without the alcohol. These shakes are surprisingly light while maintaining the richness and flavor of a classic milkshake. They’re the perfect accompaniment to some amazing burgers.

The Met Bar and Grill takes reservations every night except Saturday when you need to have a party of six or more to snag yourself a guaranteed table. This surprising policy makes The Met Bar and Grill a great place to stop for food if you’re at the mall or just craving a good burger. You can take a look at the Met Bar and Grill’s menu or check out the décor at their website.

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