Friday, June 28, 2013

Lobster and corn "risotto"

So I would have sworn that I got this recipe from cavecibum but I can't find it on her site. Or mine, so I guess I haven't written about this before. I made this dish up last summer when I was more into the eating healthy than I was in any way about writing about it. This dish could be as simple as butter, corn, lobster, seasonings, but I had some stuff to use ( leftover stuff from other people's farm shares, I thought I had more time on my hands this week to make dinner ingredients) so I went with more of a kitchen sink approach. I have to say it came out deliciously and is a wonderful not too bad for you summer meal. The fresh corn is definitely what makes this and the sweet cherry tomatoes are just icing on the cake, I don't think this meal would work nearly as well with less fresh ingredients so this is a summer meal if I've ever seen one.

The meat from 2 lobsters pre-cooked (I just get them to steam lobsters for me at the store)
the corn cut off of 4 ears of corn
1 cup fresh peas ( optional)
1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half
4 tablespoons of butter
a splash of heavy cream (though light will work too if you have it)
a sprinkle of fresh chives
1T extra virgin olive oil

heat up the olive oil, add in the cherry tomatoes and cook the cherry tomatoes until they're a bit warm ( you can add some basil at this point too if you want. Add in 2T of the butter. Add the peas. Cook the peas for 5 minutes. Add one more T of butter add in the corn. Cook the corn and peas for another 5 minutes, add the splash of heavy cream. Finally, add the last pat of butter and the lobster meat and chives, stir and season to taste with salt and pepper.
Makes 3 servings

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