Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok, so apparently I lied

I recently said that I was going to make this more of a lifestyle blog. Well, apparently I lied because the next day I went out and made another blog... called All Purpose Geekery to cover all of the lifestyle items that I could possibly want to discuss. And since I started that blog I have blogged twice on here, about food. I know. It's weird. What is going on? Well for now I think I'll keep the food over here ( unless it is geeky food then a crossover might occur) and all the other stuff over there. I did make something tonight that I totally forgot to get a pic of but it might be worth recreating because frankly it was TASTY I will tell you it involved ricotta and figs but no more for now. This week, we have some food adventures to new places and a BUNCH of work to do for my day job so I might not be posting as much as last week, but hey, I also want to see if I can keep this trend going so you never know. :)

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