Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nostalgia in my coffee cup

As I procrastinate from doing work today I decided I need a snack. Though since I'm currently on a slight diet my snack options are limited. I can have some fruit or meat but that's what I'll be having for lunch in 2 hours, so that's completely unappealing. One small indulgence I allow myself a few days a week is to swap out my between breakfast and lunch snack with a sugary coffee. I just picked up a new bottle of cocoa metro ( if you haven't tried this delicious chocolaty treat run to your nearest Whole Foods and pick some up). My plan was to just make a mocha but then I remembered that I had a bottle of coffee mate girl scouts caramel and coconut creamer in the fridge. SO I decided to add some of that to the cocoa metro mocha. WOW! I think this was the best idea I've had in ages. I've had the coconut caramel creamer by itself in coffee a few times now and I've been meaning to write about it because it makes a delicious cup of coffee. But combining it with the chocolately goodness of the cocoa metro just threw my coffee over the top. If you like Girl Scout cookie Caramel Delights or if you enjoy your coffee sugary and desserty I highly recommend this new addition to the Coffee-Mate creamer family.

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