Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Counteracting the health benefits of celery

Last Tuesday I tried my first Restaurant Week lunch. I went with my friend Pam to the Melting Pot downtown. I like fondue but haven't really had it that much, it tends to be expensive and my husband isn't a huge fan so, we don't go that often. I was very excited at the huge menu that the Melting Pot was offering to their guests. There were multiple cheese options and almost their entire compliment of dessert fondues were available. There was no option for the entree course but, they offered their broth fondue, which is what I would have chosen anyway.
I thoroughly enjoyed the cheese course, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, mixed with garlic oil and spices. The green apple was delicious in the cheese as was everything else. The broth was good but, it took a long time to cook everything, and while this is a great thing if you're trying to eat slower, I was bored with sticking my food in a vat to cook by the end. However, the broccoli was delicious when cooked in the broth.

Finally, we come to my favorite part, the chocolate! My friend Pam isn't a big fan of the marshmallow so we went for the standard dark chocolate fondue. While the chocolate was delicious, it was the dipping items that really got me excited. I actually said, " Oh my God, are those freaking Rice Crispy Treats?" when they brought the tray by. While the options also included strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, pound cake, brownies, and marshmallows, the Rice Crispy treats and strawberries were by far my favorite. The best part... our waiter casually inquired about our favorites and then he brought a whole plate of extra goodies for free. Which is apparently their policy for all of the courses. :)

For twenty dollars this was a fantastic value. I completely recommend it for lunch or dinner for restaurant week. If you are thinking of going during the rest of the year, I would recommend just going with the cheese and the chocolate or just the chocolate.

Overall, I had a great experience at the melting pot and plan on attending their ladies night in the near future!

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