Sunday, March 8, 2009


Living in Boston, the concept of spring is kind of lost on us. We have averaged around two weeks of spring total in the last six years. Usually what happens is, sometime in mid May it is really rainy and cold, around forty, one day, and the next day you wake up and it's suddenly eighty and probably still rainy. No warning, nothing but a splitting headache to herald the arrival of summer. And then it will stay between 70-90 not including humidity until around September when fall actually exists through November when Winter arrives again. I used to live in New Orleans so you might say I'm a little bitter about the cold.

Daylight savings time has arrived and according to the weather channel it is 56 degrees outside right now. I actually have the front door open so that only a screen blocks my household from the outdoors. Three cats are currently clogging my front doorway and there is some kind of bird singing outside. Could it be that we are actually going to get Spring this year? Probably not, there is probably a snow storm gearing up as I type and tomorrow I will wake up to a front yard once again covered in snow. But for now I am going to go take a walk, and come up with something in my kitchen that reminds me of spring.

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