Saturday, March 28, 2009

Restaurant Week: What the Heck

Last week we went to Locke Ober, known as a Boston food legend. However, last week we had an unfortunate experience. While the food was mediocre and the service not that great (one of the waiters kept pouring my sparking water into the glass of someone who was drinking regular water while we were telling him not to).There was a particular incident that my friend Pam wrote about, where the waiter brought out a calculator on us and asked if we had meant to leave him a 10 percent tip, it turns out that the tip might have been a little low though 10 percent is a bit of an exaduration. After talking to us like we were children for a couple of minutes he left us with our credit card bills and the cash and told us we could "work it out". And I found it even more offensive that he waited until my husband had left to go pick up the car to reprimand us. The implication that the incompetent women couldn't handle divvying up the check was not lost on any of us. That waiter is lucky that we didn't remove the tip we had given him.
needless to say their poor service and food performance has left me boycotting Locke Ober and telling everyone I know to do the same.

I'll post a wrap up of other restaurant week visits as well as my take on this years restaurant week in general tomorrow.

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